Show 25 25 50 All. Curtis and Jack Durkin, 55, a year veteran from Long Beach, New York, are responsible for tending the ice at the Garden, using separate Zambonis to resurface the ice before the game and between the periods in a procedure that usually takes about six minutes. Use of inappropriate language will be rejected. He said he would not consider working with another team, though his time as a broadcaster may not be through. The Zambonis are fine-tuned by mechanics from New Jersey.

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It was slow work.

Zambonk Garden ice was gouged with ruts half-an-inch deep after a metal plug that holds down the posts of the net ripped out of the ice and got caught onto the Zamboni blade. Garden of Dreams zambkni work closely with all areas of Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall to build meaningful, unforgettable programs for children affiliated with local children’s hospitals, “wish” organizations and community based organizations.

Zamboni operators regularly drive over the plug, and no documented case exists of the plug coming unhinged. To smg your message displayed, please visit the Garden of Dreams Foundation website. WADA discussing date for lab visit as deadline nears – Russia 5m. Ice resurfacing has come a long way since Frank Zamboni had his brainstorm.


You can mail your tickets to: Curtis, who now lives in the New York suburb of Yonkers, was working in a concrete union when he had a chance to join the utility staff at the Garden. While helping make dreams come true for kids facing obstacles, by giving them the opportunity to come to The Garden, your contribution is also tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Duguay, 61, msb splits his time between Florida and New York. The damage caused by the Zamboni was so severe, it caused a xamboni minute delay as eight workers patched the various holes with snow. Minimum donation of two tickets only.

Ron Duguay: Getting dumped by MSG has been ‘difficult’

Because of the inconvenience, the Garden announced that soda, popcorn and bottled water were half-price. On the ninth floor at the Garden is an antique resurfacer: This is just another aspect of what utility workers do here.

Trending Now in Sports. Should you wish to receive more information about the Garden of Dreams Foundation, please feel free to call our hotline at or log onto gardenofdreamsfoundation.

How does the ice get there? About 90 minutes before a zamobni the crew emerge from an office a half-level down from the event level at the Garden, five floors above the street. October 16, 4: Photo courtesy of the New York Rangers.

UMass Lowell River Hawks

The Garden got its first Zamboni not long after the machine was invented, zamboi it was driven faithfully, for years, by a man named Joe Crotty. Who won Survivor David vs. I am forever grateful to them and love interacting with them. Both Durkin and Curtis have been apart of the Rangers ice crew for over 25 years, working together like a well-oiled machine despite being from opposite sides of the Atlantic.


Three Penguins remained on the bench.

Could Mitch Marner mssg had? Is Costco open on New Year’s Day? Get the latest odds on all the top sports. The minute delay represents nearly two full intermissions.

Rides on the Zamboni Machines Now On Sale |

Here, the Zamboni drivers get lots of help. He has missed four games in 30 years, all because of deaths in the family. But hanging out with some of the greatest players to zambooni don the red, white and blue would probably be a close second. When Frankie Reynolds retired in after 35 years of Zamboni-ing, Curtis got the job. This is the fun time of year.