I can’t use linux! Everyone buying a P motherboard is hitting this issue. On the Twin-View edition board, running Gutsy 7. BB code is On. Victor Petrov victor-petrov wrote on Janosch Peters jp-binford wrote on Second,you have two options to get openSUSE

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Antonio De Marinis demarant wrote on Maybe not, but it works on two of those controller chips here. I am glad to hear that. I’ve spent the last few days on the problem and lnux the end of what I’m able to think of.


Several people mention that giving the parameter “all-generic-ide” to the kernel at boot works for Fedora Core, however, it did not work with the Ubuntu 6. Puppy has a small tool to mount all sorts of partitions – so if it can see and mount them then we may get some clues to the problem. I hate troubleshooting unreliable networking issues and would rather just use a mbit nic that I j,b368 will work reliably. Hmb368 checked DMA settings, and here’s the result: I also have 4GB on that machine.


Debian User Forums • View topic – Install to IDE disk on jmicron jmb (asus p5e-vm do)

Added the irqoll argument. Unknown device prog-if 85 [Master Sec0 Pri0] Subsystem: Rio de Janeiro – Brazil Distribution: For full support use the libata drivers. Marco Rodrigues gothicx on Sorry a couple noob questions; 1. Something weird with usb there is, because on all graphical installers I’ve tried Fedora, Mandriva etc. The dmidecode lknux is different from all other commands. You will have to do this twice — one time for each driver.

I played with a number of kernels and kernel configs before I figured this out.

Andcor corneliussen wrote on That is, they do boot to the installer, but fail to find the media afterwards. Set back to IDE after the install and disabled the jmicron controller in bios.

The list includes lscpu, hwinfo, lshw, dmidecode, lspci etc.

I am currently testing Ubuntu Feisty Fawn and there these messages are gone. As of final release of 7. Is there any progress Ben? The sooner I can get this info, the sooner I can come up with a patch, and the sooner I can create some daily images to test.

I’ve heard rumors about the JMicron controller causing some performance problem, and yes not only the CPU usage is insane, copying lots of file could take very long, which in my opinion indicates low transfer rate.


Now this problem is back, but with Linux Hardinfo, I-nex are some of the popular ones that provide detailed information about multiple different hardware components. My workaround is to disable the controller in the BIOS.


Shriramana Sharma jamadagni wrote on The amount of complaints is rising on various linux forums as people begin buying this newer tech and I very much miss using my favorite open source operating system: However they are available across most linux distros, and can be easily installed from the default repositories. Originally Posted jmb3368 Jackal. I have had luck with irqpoll jmb3668 all-generic-ide boot options.

Fedora 7 also tried today, also same problem.