Remove the five screws that secure the lower outboard plate to the main deck plate and pull the plate away from the rollers. To remove the media cover 1. It is assumed that a printer is not working and that the troubleshooting actions referenced in the user’s manual were not used, failed to clear the problem, or pointed to a printer malfunction. After the third image band is emptied, printing continues from the first image band. Description Transmits the ambient temperature sensor output back to the host. The printer is designed to preserve the integrity of the existing data in the static RAM. Our price is lower than the manufacturer’s “minimum advertised price.

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Parameter Errors Certain commands require optional parameters. New considerations come in to play, such as delay between prjnt and perceived printer performance. This condition may cause the printer to skip printing a label or lockup. The data can be yours or the customer’s, but you should include a test of the customer’s labels to determine whether the printer you are testing is attaining the best print quality possible with the customer’s data.

The reference voltage on kntermec 2 and 6 of U2 is established by the pulse width modulation input M5.

Remove the label from under the label taken sensor. Be sure that the media brake arm does not rub on the upper media guide and that the sensor cable is not contacting any moving parts. Appendix – functional descriptions of the mechanics, electronics, and firmware.


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Performing them out of order can introduce and not solve -printing -problems. Clean after every roll or 6, inches of media or more often if necessary. Check the transformer and the main PCB. If a character is large or is positioned near a band boundary, portions of its image may fall into multiple bands.

Remove the electronics cover 2. Diode D4 is a low leakage schottky diode used to isolate the battery voltage from VCC of the circuit card when the power is off, but it has minimal voltage drop to RAMVCC when power is on. To clean the rollers and tear bar 1.

Intermec EasyCoder 3600 Thermal Print Head

Safety Summary Your safety is extremely important. Entering data in non-data entry field.

Printhead alignment tool Testing and Adjusting Aligning the TTR Supply Hub You should align the TTR supply hub only if you are experiencing ribbon wrinkle on full width ribbon after the rollers and printhead have been aligned.

Most products ship via our low cost flat rate shipping the same day your order is placed and can ship overnight to anywhere in the US. If connections in the interface cable ijtermec above are discovered to cause ground loop problems, disconnect the shield from the backshell at only the printer, and sever the chassis ground pin 1 connection between the host computer and the printer. Iintermec II C90 I!


Install the printer electronics cover and the media cover.

It is used to set the current level for the motor driver circuit. Functional Description of the Electronics Prijt section describes the basic electronic functionality of the printer.

Check for all pairs of field delimiters, and make sure both are numeric or both are alphanumeric. Duratran IIThermal transfer Labels 4. inteermec

Intermec EasyCoder 3600 Thermal Barcode Label Printer

The printer has a sheet metal frame base plate and main deck intermdc to which mechanical and electrical components are attached. Turn the darkness adjust control clockwise 1 for darker density. Invalid UDC transmission syntax. Align only one outboard plate at a time either the upper or the lower to put the rollers back into factory alignment.

The following table is a schedule of recommended printer cleaning and checking. Properly set the darkness adjust control.

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Pull down on the lower media guide to expose the label gap sensor. It is for fine-tuning only. Disconnect the transformer cable from the main PCB and the two leads with push-on connectors from the AC power plug and the power switch.