Its value contains the addend to apply to instructions within a bundle, not for data. At the beginning of an object file, or immediately after the signature of an image file, is a standard COFF file header in the following format. The image file is a dynamic-link library DLL. Finally, the entries in the language directory actually provide the offset to the resource data itself, the format of which is not defined by the PE specification and can be treated as an arbitrary stream of bytes. Privacy policy About aldeid Disclaimers Mobile view.

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A number of different verifiable statements can be associated with a file; one of the most useful ones is a statement by dllchatacteristics software manufacturer that indicates what the message digest of the image is expected to be.

A series kmage null-terminated strings that name all of the symbols in the directory. This field can be used to extend the record by indicating the presence of new fields, or it can dllchadacteristics used to indicate behaviors to the delay or unload helper functions. The debug directory can be in a discardable.

MajorVersion and MinorVersion relate to the versioning info of the resources: Byte order will not be considered in this chapter, and all PE files are assumed to be in “little endian” format. The linker removes a. The bit field represents the low half of a bit word.


x86 Disassembly/Windows Executable Files

Information related to attribute certificates. No handlers can be called in this image. Guess the purpose of the malware presence of network information, domains, IPs Find imports Guess whether the malware is likely to be packed number of imports, information in clear, presence of “LoadLibrary” and “GetProcAddress”. The system copies all of this data each time a thread is created, dllcharacterostics it must not be corrupted.

Other compilers that support TLS and work with the Dllcharacterlstics linker must use this same technique. Each auxiliary record is the same size as a standard symbol-table record 18 bytesbut rather than define a new symbol, the auxiliary record gives additional information on the last symbol defined.

Processes that data along with the linker-generated debugging information into the PDB file, and creates a debug directory entry to refer to it. The flags that describe the characteristics of the section.

If the image is loaded at its preferred base, the difference is zero and thus the base relocations do not have to be applied.

windows kernel – WDM driver develop, sc start error – Stack Overflow

A section is similar to a segment in Intel architecture. As yet, no attribute flags are defined. For more information, see Section Flags. This data can be used to locate the string table, which immediately follows the symbol table. The tables described are usually contiguous in the file in the order shown though this is not required.


This is valid for object files only. The Machine field has one of the following values that specifies its CPU type.

The alignment factor in bytes that is used to align the raw data of sections in the image file. The archive member is the longnames member, which consists of a edm of null-terminated ASCII strings.

Must be a multiple of SectionAlignment. This symbol gives the address that is to be used for the relocation. Module contains suppressed export information. For example, if the first byte of the section has an address of 0x10, the third byte has an address of 0x It can then be used at runtime to address imported values.


The code and data memory section entries are in the order chosen by the linker. The resource table address and size. Dllcnaracteristics reason for this will become apparent shortly. These values have little or no impact on the actual exports themselves.