This is mainly for codes P and P, or codes that specify My 99 S10 with the 4. Hi P is cylinder 4 misfire. Got the engine misfire code 3 months ago and dealer replaced all plugs on my dime. A locking tab design, and a standard style connector same as TPI and LT1 style knock sensor connectors.

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6.0 vortec knock sensor

Find the best used Mitsubishi Eclipse near you. According to details we acquired from google adwords, 5 3l knock sensor location has very much search online search engine.

Read Mitsubishi Eclipse reviews from real owners.

Throughout, the Figure numbers refer to illustration and ,p3-0135 Table numbers refer to information in table form.

This Chevrolet Cavalier 2. A color-coded explanation of the Mitsubishi Eclipse’s tire size is shown below. Yesterday i finally got around to putting the new knock sensors in. The info in this article applies to the GM 2. While driving 55 mph and above, the vehicle stalled. So i replaced them and now the check engine light is still on so i took it to get it checked out and now they tell me that i have a random cylinder misfire now.

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Play and Listen p trouble code on my wife s s10 blazer 4 3 p code Blazer 4. Properly operating fuel injectors are essential components for helping your vehicle run flawlessly. I suggest you Google “relay location Mitsubishi Eclipse” for the exact location. Since then, it has been the franchise model of Mitsubishi because of its sporty and “geo-mechanical” styling. Engine in two setups: Our Honda Odyssey had a flashing check engine light and scary performance.


If the problem persists more tests needs to be done to diagnose problem, see “Possible Causes Clear the codes, swap fuel injector wires with the next cyl and see if the code follows it. Cheap Body Kit for your Mitsubishi Eclipse.

I have a mitsubishi eclipse v6 and I wanna know how to make it faster. Mitsubishi eclipse Mitsubishi eclipse The 2.

When it comes to Mitsubishi Eclipse performance parts, AutoAnything has all the bases covered. Get replacement Mitsubishi Eclipse engine listings from top auto wrecking yards across the country. Found out why I had a misfire on cylinder 4 in my Chevy S10 2.

Crankshaft sensors set ignition timing, supply the RPM signal, and determine engine speed. Body Style 4dr Car. P Chevrolet Description When a misfire occurs, engine speed will fluctuate.

Hyundai Elantra O2 Sensor Replacement P P free mp3 download

By reducing back pressure and turbulence in the exhaust, the JBA headers free up torque, horsepower and efficiency lost in the factory set-up.


Short of running another cable from the knock sensor to the ECU. Where are hyundao sensors located? Remember, By downloading this music or song mp3 file you agree with our Terms and Conditions. We tend to present a most relevant image to suit your needs.

Fixing the P OBD2 error It’s OK, I fixed it Episode 2 mp3 Today I show you how in a fit of absolute greed I decided to restore my car’s oxygen sensor to its former glory instead of simply replacing it with a new one.

At first I thought it was comin from the top but when i get under it it’s alot louder sounds like its comin from the oil pan.

Inspect the fuel rail bolt inserts for looseness or damaged threads 7. My question is where is it located, and is there a special tool that is needed to replace it? We have a well set-up, easy-to-follow selection of Eclipse parts that have free shipping on most of them and that makes a huge difference in your total price.