The regulator is ISL, if someone is interested. It resulted in an insignificant performance drop. And therefore we have updated this initial article to revision 2; based on new facts with the final cooling solution implemented. They also offer you more bang for your bucks and often are very tweakable to squeeze some more performance out of them. Today we’ll be taking a look at the Galaxy GeForce GS which has been armed with a couple of real fun surprises for sure.

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Try something like delta.

The delata is permanent. And looking at the datasheet page 52 of 53 http: Oh yeas, gs gt its very nice!!!

GeForce GS/ GS/ GT Represented by Video Cards from Axle, Gigabyte, and Galaxy

It’s sad to see old sky-blue cards with interesting solutions go to the budget sector. Here’s a start – in the attachment. Athlon 64 Socket based computer CPU: Gxlaxy a Low Profile card even without it, a good point for fashionable reduction of PC case dimensions barebone-kits, etc.

It’s written in the card’s bios.

Galaxy 7600 GS 256 MB BIOS

I guarantee it, you’ll be stunned by it’s proce versus performance ratio and at the time when I started writing this introduction I haven’t even galay the card. It works well though, I mean it really is extremely quiet and that is the idea behind the Zalman cooler.


Cause you beat me by a small margin: Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

It may happen, because the cheaper the chipset, the more chances it has to appear on the so-called grey market. Axle is an ancient manufacturer, much older than Galaxy. I cannot be held responsable of anything! You may and you will lose your warranty after the MOD. That’s what was really going on. We can see that this cheap video card is equipped with a prodigious cooling system for some reason. Yes, finally two new mid-range product with a sweet performance boost over the previous generation products.

Gonna post pics with the water cooling soon: Please understand that low and midrange products always sell the best. I just did a pencil mod on R and it wokred lika a charm running on a MHz core but havent mesured the resistence and voltaje but a little more then got a crush in the first mod i was able to run a MHz and more but card was too hot GPU 96c 1min Load soo i did the mod again from the start. Next to that it’s keeping overall temperatures at both idle and stressed situation really low.


And to make it even more special, they slapped all components on a sexy white PCB again. Connections are as followed: Video 3Digests Video cards: Quality and reliability of this card are on a very high level but I’ll remind you that it’s a reference card; such cards are always of high quality.

And therefore we have updated this initial article to revision 2; based on new facts with the final cooling solution implemented. But they are too wide, so the card may dangle in the box.

The company even offers interesting designs, etc. You can very seldom come across the name of this manufacturer in price lists.

I’m really thinking it can handle 1. D and afaik its only for gf 7xxx series. I’m gonna test it these days too. User manual, CD with drivers, TV adapter. Are there diffretent revisions?