Users are notified of Approval or Rejection by email. P 1, with USB2. Cancels all edits and returns you to the check list. Example of a Panini scanner: You will need to rescan the item if you want to submit it again. If one is found during processing, an adjustment will be created for the declared amount of the item. Please keep the original box and packaging as you may need to return your scanner for service.

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Scanners Supported by Property Management Payment Service The following scanners are supported in the Property Management Payment Service product and are offered for purchase, rent, or lease. A USB port is a mandatory requirement for scanner operation. Two items have been scanned simultaneously. Encryption-capable, 3-track Magnetic Stripe Reader MSR — extends data capture capabilities and provides added security of sensitive data captured.

RDM ECi Dual-Sided Check Scanner (ECf)

It takes a long time to initialize the scanner each time I want to begin scanning. Always verify the details of the transaction prior to submitting the item to the batch to prevent adjustments or returned ec7000o.

User names and passwords are case sensitive, and passwords must comply with guidelines.

For more information please call In addition to providing this FIS user with back counter scanners, UniLink will be servicing equipme Retrieve the deposit list for the affected deposit and compare the items for which you received credit to the physical items. The item should be re-deposited through a channel other than Remote Deposit Service Online.



Submitting the Batch The Batch tab contains a summary of the items that have been reviewed and are ready to be submitted number of items and total dollar amount. The Panini Vision X connects to computers via USB2 interface, guaranteeing the fastest communication at no additional cost.

The digital images can be converted to substitute checks, if a substitute check is needed for any reason.

Select Next to install to choose the default features. The scan checks home page appears. High speed USB 2.

Hardware Requirements Hardware Requirement Processor: You can override this by typing in the payer name if different. Check 21 allows a company to use digital image files of the original paper checks to settle check payments electronically, thereby reducing reliance on physical transportation. Rotate the cleaning card each time to make certain that the cleanest part of the card is being used.

If the workstation does not meet the minimum system requirements, it may impact the overall performance of the service. Open your web browser and go to https: With its small footprint, connectivity to the most popular POS terminals, and industry leading MICR and image technology, the ECi Series provides a low cost, two-sided imaging solution for merchants and low volume billers who want to take advantage of the opportunities presented by Cheque Icon Action Rddm Delete Deletes the associated item.


Community manager verifies the dollar amount and processes the edm.

RDM ECi Check Imager | EpicPay

The Panini scanner is now installed and ready to be used. Docking stations can cause irregular behavior with the scanner operation and should be avoided. Select Install when asked if you want to install the Panini Object. Every payment made is fully integrated with your ex7000i accounting system for reconciliation and reporting. The item is either approved or rejected: You will receive a message if you exceed the limit for the day. Subscribe Join Our Newsletter.

Resident pays with a paper check.

This reproduction, called a substitute check, is created from a digital image of the original, contains the same information, and becomes the legal equivalent of the original check.