Wide range of capacities available. Chart Matrix Resolution H. Optional custom labeled panel. These evolutionary expansions were necessary because a single system bijjs structure was no longer capable of supporting the demands of today’s high-speed, high- performance VLSI microprocessor technology, and its increasingly complex configurations. Images stored in run length format are transferred, decoded and displayed, as a real-time motion sequence, by a dedicated Shottkey run length processor.

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Users can tailor their system perfor- requiring high performance or bit mance and avoid unnecessary costs by data paths optimized for multiprocessing will selecting only thoses buses required for find the multiple bus structure of the Dyhex their application.

Same as WWA except dual row header.

Ultra-high speed DMA, 8- and bit data transfers, and both Relative and Absolute dynes addressing for high performance on the Multibus side. Another indicator which supports the continued Multibus market trend is the projection of Multibus product growth. High quality, no frills. Also, an open market which offers over Multibus products provides a user with a wider range of choices.


A O, Bowers Ave. Optional vertical card cage.

Multimodule, on-board data separator, phase locked loop. I ‘inds shorts and defective termination. The GXB includes all the necessary hardware and software to draw lines, polygons, circles, characters, etc. Switch selectable address bus. Optional version with ZIF sockets mounted on board, programs up to 4Kbytes.

Whatever your Multibus memory needs, give us a call on one of our toll-free numbers. So don’t miss the bus. Dual-port RAM mapping of memory with resolution of 68 bytes in off-board re- quest; 8-bits dual ported wwv usable as interrupt vynex. There’s powerful performance here, too.

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And, the first with architecture that allows plug-in modules with multiple DMA channel support. It supports up to 16 devices, both 8- and bit and provides 16 megabyte memory or register address space per device. Alter- natively, a second processor board could be added. Program development or downloading, con- figuration tables and security ac- cess logs are just a few.

Multibus adaptor c 8 s bit process: RAM based input and output translation tables alphanumeric overlay: Least overhead of Ziatech 1 s controllers; on-board processor relieves system CPU of all overhead during data transfers.


Cherry Hill NM C. Columbus Dayton N. Adds high video to RGB-Graph. There’s also a version for 5 l A” drives, thewith similar capabilities. You’ll be glad you did! Double capacity by adding optional FDC chip.

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Measurement Systems Metacomp, Inc. The major problem with this approach is that the attachment of these burst-type peripherals can saturate a general purpose bus and reduce the computing performance of the system. Two serial ports, industrial burn-in; superset Intel A. When you’ve introduced the highest performing bit CPU on the market, you’ve just got to make it immediately available at the board level.

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All this takes up just one slot in your Multibus backplane because it all comes on just one board. Continued TX Jim Dnyex. Same as DE, but with 95 pin wire-wra]?