Another benefit included renting manufacturing space at half the amount for the same square footage near Boston. I heard that the bank they were using chose a Cisco network instead of Cabletron. Goodbye CS – you were definitely a fun company to watch. Having focused almost exclusively on the Ethernet standard which comprises 65 percent of the networking market for the LAN industry, in Cabletron broadened its market by introducing its first products for IBM’s ‘Token Ring’ standard which comprises the remaining 35 percent of the market. When Cabletron’s engineers developed a box that not only controlled information input and output but allowed computer analysts to diagnose problems with connections into the network, both the product and the company were poised for success.

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The Future of Cable Business Services. With the company’s European headquarters located in Birkshire, England, and a 50, square foot facility in Limerick, Ireland, serving as the manufacturing and distribution base for all products sold on the continent, Cabletron’s overseas revenues increased significantly. Great place to work with career advancement opportunities. This is an exceptional workplace. Ability to contact IT individuals to set up appointments to meet about a product that was on the market at the time was interesting.

This was a technology company that went out of business. Was this review helpful? The newly named company began trading this morning on the NYSE. It is a “Team” oriented environment structured to get the job done efficiently. I think it was the smart thing to do.


InCabletron was moved from Levine’s garage to New Hampshire in order to take advantage of a lower tax in and less expensive labor force. Showing all 17 reviews. Recognizing this fact, Cabletron reorganized as a holding company inhoping to apply appropriate focus to the different parts of its business as they had evolved over time.

Working at CABLETRON SYSTEMS, INC: Employee Reviews |

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Goodbye CS – you were definitely a fun company to watch. The typical day consisted of cold calling, coardinating presentations, quoting and leveraging both internal and external resources.

The employees are dedicated, and the management is very supportive. If you found this interesting or useful, please use the links to the services below to share it with other readers. What other companies should aspire to be like. Finally, we can read about how these great companies came about with company-histories.

Cabletron Systems, Inc.

I don’t want to say goodbye, but, that’s Network. Cabletron’s plug-in network adapter cards for different kinds of computers allowed users to connect into Ethernet networks and thereby communicate and share information and data with other users on the network.


Retrieved from ” https: It was Bob Levine who had the tank, not Craig Benson. Cabletron concentrated on developing more technological innovations for the networking industry to further the systeme success. Excellent Company to work for with a great training program.

They also had manufacturing facilities in Ironton, Ohioand in Ireland. Getting to OTT 2.

Co-workers always willing to help you. January Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Cabletron company and contact information

Several computer programs Cahletron I felt that there should have been some cheesy music like what they cabletrin during the olympics during one of the ‘spotlights’. ISO procedure documentation specialist, Compliance Engineering. Even though Cabletron’s products outsold SynOptic’s, many industry analysts speculated that Cabletron’s success in surpassing SynOptics was not due merely to its product line, but also to its highly aggressive sales methods and its emphasis on technical support.

Eventually, Riverstone was placed into Chapter 11 bankruptcy and liquidated.

It was truly one of the most fun and exciting places of employment I have ever experienced. Want to know more about working here?