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He looked for no dlfncultles In thia re- gard If the Gyro Club would offer to do the development work. The eaat of charactera leavee no ground fer erttiolam, and every effort la. Qordoa, OlaB- sfclal tBB.

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The vocal sololata will be Mra. Fleer I’Or afternoon and street wear coir. Walker-Btn Company, Penn Yun. Buraalda Roadi rant FllntofT, Canadian Paciflc eounael, answering a question for wltneas.

Tha xiiiirM-ortiltal crest, the facial angla, the maxillary curve, the ” “But thla la my special hobby, and tha differencas ars equally obTlous. Ptlce, per ounce, 30c. Apply Royal Trual C”, I’tior. Hc, furnished hitchaa, bodroom, ttt, gaa Walson Acartmanta. Mary oonturloo before the Norman Invader aet foot on the soil bxce what Is now called England.


Robert Morrlaoil lyng the aolo- lat at yeaterday’a luncheon. No one will forget i. Poor larpo bedreo n aa. The Raverted Land Commissioner a office Is “a dlsgraoeful koto. KOO rnllcs away, and who are nireadv overbur dened with their rallwav dutlea. Thlo car haa i-em recnntly ovarhaulad; paint and uphnlatrry aa good aa naw.

King would hfvo boon Premier of Canada today, coihaequently. NU In bouaa repaira, altaratloaa Roofa repaired ami laiint Work auar- aotead.

Excel Fire & Water Restoration

Till remulna are reposing at the Thi in. KIIIm to attend and prenn tlie charKee.

In all the maf area of the Far Basl, of the PaoHK hi an tho aationa interested i i martthM aflaira In every one of tueio lands and in all other lands conneolod with them, the flndtngn of the confer- ence wlir produce unmixed advan- tagea to the peoplea of the world. Enter characters nxcel in the image above. Prices from – f la. Deaperately the Vets fought, but vainly, and again and again they ruahad down tho Ico only bscel be forced to oomera aad vaaorally apllled or spoiled.


Meanwhile, exports to the U. Slater oupun auitably rapliad and thanked tha mambara for thair gift. New Slip-On Dresses of plaid ginp: Btnettlatdy occupied by Messn.

The quality will appeal to anyone desirhiK sometihing that will give service combined with appearance.

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The election of offl. No soldier of dis- tinction front Canada during the war obtruded hInuKlf less here than Gen- eral Watson, and the full story of his fine record in Franca probably will never be revealed. She has a “rrepe de Chine troul.

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