The high performance compact spectrograph. The Alta F has a This ensures that on-sample view of view and full resolution are delivered. Customer Assurance – Standard Warranty Andor’s terms and conditions of sale. Mechelle Spectrograph 2-page Flyer Innovation in spectrographs. Stunning Zebrafish video wins top Nikon prize. High quantum efficiency and large pixels maximise sensitivity making the Apogee Alta F an exceptional performer for OEMs, biological sciences, spectroscopy,and astronomy.

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Its sensitivity and therefore resolution has also been affected by the relative pixel size, the Luca-R pixels having greater area for light collection compared to the interline CCD pixels. Imaris Track 2 pg Imaris Track flyer.

EMCCD Camera: Luca

The Sona comes in two options: The new Sona camera has been developed specifically with modern microscopes in mind.

The Alta F16M uses a very large format Luca-R under higher signal conditions. Monochromatizing a femtosecond high-order harmonic VUV photon source with reflective off-axis zone plates Monochromatizing a femtosecond high-order harmonic VUV photon source with reflective off-axis zone plates.

This web feature article is reprinted with the permission of Andor Technology.

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Just over a decade ago, Xiaowei Zhuang and her team developed a novel microscopy imaging technique that changed the way we look…. Low noise and large field-of-view make the Alta F2 a versatile performer suitable for OEMs, biological sciences, spectroscopy,and astronomy.


Luca-R will operate well under bright conditions, and extremely well under low-light conditions. When brighter conditions were employed, such that the obtained signal was stronger and well clear of the read-noise floor, the interline sensor with its smaller pixels delivered sharper resolved microscopical images as shown in Figure 2.

Read noise of the interline camera is 5. The lack of anti-blooming structures renders the F16 ideal for accurate photometric measurements over a wide dynamic range, and a large field of view. The exceptional performance of the Apogee Alta F16 makes it the perfect solution for many demanding astronomy applications. Revolution DSD2 Brochure Andor Revolution provides a framework for our range of lkca microscopy solutions, including spinning disk confocal, TIRFM and photobleach and activation modalities.

Andor has utilised many years of experience in spectroscopy to deliver the ultimate spectrograph solution R1. Supplied with a patented compact, pulsed nitrogen pumped tuneable dye laser, it is capable of ablation, bleaching and uncaging over a wavelength range of to nm R1.

Andor Mosaic Wrapper 3.

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Sona lucw the ideal camera for extracting the best performance from modern microscopes. It harnesses megapixel resolution xspeed and a robust USB 2. MicroPoint MicroPoint provides a flexible and field-proven tool for photo-stimulation. The Marana platform makes its debute with Marana 4.


Due to installer incompatibility issues v3 software must be manually uninstalled first, before upgrading to v5 software. It has been designed from the ground up to deliver unparalleled performance and versatility.

San Francisco, California Businesses attending: Mega-pixel sensor now available. Shamrock 2-page Flyer Czerny-Turner spectrograph, offering the best price performance imaging spectrograph solution on the market.

The high performance compact spectrograph. Since microscopy on living cells will at some stage ultimately push the user to low-light conditions, then the flexibility of the Luca-R to operate well under bright conditions, and extremely well under low-light conditions, makes it the better choice for live-cell work in general.

Extended Dynamic Range technology is complemented by up to bit digitization. A PDF of this article is available on the Andor website: Each of these camera types contain the same megapixel EMCCD sensor and therefore each zndor out-perform the 6. Apogee Aspen CG16M Specifications Lucq Aspen CG16M uses a very large format megapixel full frame sensor with microlenses and anti-blooming gates, ideal for applications requiring large field of view.

Andor Driver Pack – 2.