You probably have but just in case. Message 1 of 8. XP with Umax U scanner. The wayback machine tells you the filenames you’re looking for, VSuV. CNET just has a pointless link to the microsoft update website.

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UMAX astra 1220u Free Driver Download

XP with Umax U scanner. The cp thing that looked useful on the umax. Just a thought – have you tried Umax Technical Support at http: But you could try searching the internet for the filenames.

Have any of you got ideas? Tony Tan Tested on Windows 7.

I thought I’d lost the U interface for good and would have to make do with the Windows XP weak substitute. I particularly like the Copy function and the ability to switch off the lamp when not in use. Message 1 of 8.

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Can’t be of much further use on this one. A google search for VSuV.

Even Umax told me I’d have to buy a new scanner. Both of these are available in VistaScan. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. I have tried the internet via Google, as my first post indicates, but will persist.


The wayback machine tells you the filenames you’re looking for, VSuV. For some reason th See More is file didn’t include the updater program so I located the person who so thoughtfully wrote the location for it and pasted it into my address window and then down loaded it “as above” rebooted and the rest was history.

UMAX astra u Free Driver Download for Windows XP () –

It does look as though the inner interstices of XP are not as accessible as Win SE, unless I am missing something. Message 5 of 8.

As mentioned by other people above, it is necessary to download 2xxxupdater file as well. I suppose that as VistaScan 1202u over 10 years old there might be an insuperable problem but cnet do not suggest that there is. The program itself has everything in place except the ability to “see” the scanner which suggests that there is some misalignment in an address or something like that.

I only wish that I had the skill to delve into the software and do a bit of corrective engineering.

I’m a happy camper”. Message 7 of 8.

Although there are always exceptions when it comes to computers. Surely USB has not changed that much since then apart from getting quicker. Message 3 of 8. I might even resort to installing Win98SE into a spare HD just to get what I want yes the disk s legal, but the number of updates missing will not help.


As is common for hardware that predates the operating system, Windows XP includes some basic drivers for that scanner. Was this review helpful? Tried that but it still lead to the “Scanner link failed” error. Many of the correspondents to Forums seem to have suffered something similar but no advice has been forthcoming.

It is all very sad when “progress” seems to make perfectly good kit obsolete as a matter of course. It seems like this driver vsu. I have Googled until my head spins? I loaded this program onto my desktop closed my internet connection and then ran the file.