It is tested on the 3 families: The Intep Pro set drivers did this on our pcs, ghost woudl just hang you had to use the command switch “ghost -inf” or was -fni can not remember it off top of head, worked a treat after that. While all these drivers should work, I don’t have access to every card myself for testing. Again, thanks for your help. Post by David H. Rudi Langhanki

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Rudi Langhanki Updated by Peter Verstraten.

This marvekl adds a lot of confusion to the process of selecting the right driver. I also tried the -fni switch sata hdd still no joy.

Marvell Yukon Ethernet Controller Driver Driver – TechSpot

Created by Geoffrey Gardner. Updated by Dick Nagtegaal. If your particular problem is not listed or the error persists, please send your system event log file to our technical support. The booted CD is equivalent to the diskette above. Copy the Packet Driver to the floppy eos. When creating the recovery boot disk, Snapshot tries to detect the current keyboard layout of Windows.


This is for the version 4. You are saying that I use ghost to create this Packet Driver? I have got a few Samsung p laptops. Created by Ken Wygant. Release Notes Related Drivers However there is some less bdis PCI cards on the disk which aren’t autodetected.

Supported DOS Network Cards/Chipsets

It doesn’t always work. Have you tried using the universal drivers? I am using Ghost 7. UDMA will test its functionality, and will not load, if it doesn’t find compatible hardware.

Updated by Eric Gentry. I cannot get the boot disks that I create to work. Created by Al Gilhousen. Should fix divide by zero errors. Ghost does NOT create the ddos.

This README file explains how to install the driver installation package on a system running one of the following operating systems: The enabler uses IRQ 11 and port h. Is there anything that I need to download from Marvell’s website for this, or is what I have already downloaded all I need? You can get a list of all supported layouts with. Only the popular PCI Cards are autodetected!


Created by Aleksandr A. Created by Wes Brewer Megahertz drivers with the older point enabler v1. Cancel all operating system attempts to install the driver automatically. Created by Shane Brooks.

I will have to give all this a try on Monday when I return to work. Results 1 to 6 of 6. Of course yukno still relies on the fact the the bootdisk needs the latest driver, so the latest cards released will still work.