PS Audio Stellar three-fer. It’s a great time to be a Not to mention the impact on my cashflow. The Christmas Music Mix. But I am really reaching well into the listening experience to pull out these very minor points and I want to stress that they did not detract from my enjoyment in the least.

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There are others doing this sort of thing too. So I can’t go listen to comparisons on the retailers’ gear bringing along my component that I’m looking to replace.

The Christmas Music Mix.

exD USB-SPDIF Converter (ideal for dCS/EMM Labs equipment) [Expired]

The whole experience is surreal, isb like hearing the song for the first time all over again, with more depth and air in between the intimacy of the piano and Jennifer voice. Music Albums of the Year. Second, I found some of the counter sunk, hexagonal screws on the flush surface on all four corners of the box to be only finger tight.

After all, not everyone has the time to listen to DACsfor example, full-time. Jean-Michel Blais — Eviction Sessions. There’s also a slight flatness to some PCM-based upper frequencies where something like a cymbal’s trailing hiss sounds somewhat 2D instead of fully 3D.

Exactly who did what, when and how is as relevant as knowing what DAC chip is inside any given DAC which is to say it matters as much or as little as you care to imagine since what really matters is how the finished product sounds. Not to mention the impact on my cashflow. Has an R-core transformer too.


The exD does not lacked in any areas in terms of transparency, as proven when I slotted the Bryston BOT-1 disc transport in to my BDP-1 at the end of the review period. Submitted by ednaz on September 28, – The others are focused on system installation first and foremost. Greatest Bits Product of the Year With PCM-based music, there is a lovely wholeness to the sound lending each instrument a colorful and natural presentation.

It mostly sounds just right all things considered including my ears, room and brain, of course.

I’d so like to be able to audition DACs, and heck, other gear besides, in some way shape or form before making a purchase decision, but the world of audio sales isn’t going that direction. Soulution — a Swiss amp goes for a Highland fling. I had the exD in my system Submitted by tbrads on September 28, – 2: PS Audio Stellar three-fer.

Sonore/exD DSD USB DAC

Allo DigiOne Signature Review. Alas, it was never in our review policy to opening up subjects under scrutiny. The DCS has multiple inputs while the exD has only the minimalist choice of 2 only. But I am really reaching well into the listening experience to pull out these very minor points and I want to stress that they did not detract from my enjoyment in the least.


Log in ubs register to post comments. I can’t imagine they’re anything real special for exdd asking price.

Simple Design Sonore/exD DAC | AudioStream

Heco Direkt Einklang July 16, Favorite Sound Munich High End Even CD-quality sounds fairly wonderful and the higher up the sample rate ladder you go, the sweeter things get, recording quality permitting. I’ll also mention that there is a slight tick sound when switching ezd DSD tracks using Audirvana Plus.

I did not find it bothersome but I certainly would prefer if it wasn’t there. The Winter Music Mix. Shopping for a DAC now, in fact, and in listening to the two that one retailer stocks, and the edx that another stocks, my opinions seem to swing wildly with type of music.

Supposed to be better or more quiet, I think.